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Aurora Sports Club has updated their 5 Stand

We have completed the set up of 5-stand to its new position

5-stand has been moved to its future position facing north. All of the machines have been moved or adjusted. The old timber stands have been moved and set in their new location-See pictures. Tables, benches and gun racks will be moved behind the stands tomorrow. Some black dirt will be brought in and placed down in front of shooting stands. Also, please understand, most of the machine placements are temporary. We have a big pile of black dirt being stored on the other side of the trees that will be moved in the near future. Once moved, we will be able to get behind the trees and figure out how to best utilize machines for future looks. We moved the shooting stands facing north to accommodate the expansion of the east side and to eliminate the sun issues at our night shoots. So, anyone shooting the new 5-stand, please let us know of any issues with the presentations so we can make adjustments to the machines at

Aurora Sportsmans Club

7858 Preserve Rd

Entrance on Ruff Rd.

Waterman, IL 60556

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