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Illinois Sporting Clays Association ByLaws

Constitution and By-Laws of the Illinois Sporting Clays Association



  • The name of the association shall be the Illinois Sporting Clays Association, hereafter referred to as the "ISCA".



  • The purpose of the ISCA shall be as follows:

(a) The promotion and encouragement of sporting clays target shooting as a recreational and sporting activity for all ages among residents of the State of Illinois. Here is a change

(b) To increase among ISCA members the knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved shotgun marksmanship.

(c) To forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship.

(d) To organize and conduct events and tournaments.



  • The principal office of the ISCA shall be located at the address of the Secretary. Other offices for the transaction of business shall be located at such places as the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the "Board", designates.



  • The elected officers of the ISCA shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

(a) The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership at the State Sporting Clays tournament.

(b) The term of office for the officers shall be 2 years.

(c) Individuals nominated to hold offices, as noted above (a), may be selected from individual N.S.C.A. members who reside in the State of Illinois. It is recommended that officers come from each zone of the State selected by rotation. e.g. President and Secretary from the north, Vice-Pres. and Treasurer from the south. The officer must live in the zone represented. At the next election these would switch.


1. President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and is empowered to execute all contracts and legal instruments, of the ISCA as directed by the board and shall be a member of all committees.

2. Vice - President

The Vice President shall have the responsibility for the general promotion of clays shooting. He/she shall aid any new member club with the organization of any clay target shooting under the auspices of the ISCA. If the President is unable to preside, the Vice - President shall preside in his/her place.

3. Secretary

The secretary shall keep all minutes of ISCA meetings, shall issue all notices, and shall perform such duties as the President or Board may require. In the event that neither the President and Vice-President cannot preside, the Secretary shall preside in their place. However: no official business may be conducted at such meetings.

4. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect dues, shall be the custodian of all moneys and vouchers of the ISCA and shall preserve the receipts of moneys paid out. He/she is authorized to receive all funds due to the ISCA and place such funds in any bank or banks as the Treasurer shall recommend and the board approves. He/she shall make no disbursements other than those authorized.

(a) The Treasurer shall develop a detailed report of all receipts and disbursements and distribute said report at all meetings of the board and at the Annual Meeting of the membership.


1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, NSCA Elected Delegates, and 2 elected representatives from each zone of the state and one at large representative from anywhere in the state.


2. Zone Directors from Each Zone

The duties of the directors at large shall be to act as a liaison between the membership at large, in their respective areas, and the Board.

(a) The "North" zone director shall represent that area north of Interstate Hwy. 74 from the east to Galesburg in the west and then Hwy 34 west to the State line. The "South" zone director shall represent that area south of that same line.

(b) The "Zone" directors shall be elected by a majority vote of individual NSCA members at the NSCA State Tournament. Only NSCA member residents of each respective area shall vote for their respective representative.

(c) The term shall be two years.

(d) It is suggested that one "shooter" and one range owner/manager be elected to these positions from each zone of the state. The member must reside in the zone represented.

(e) All ISCA board members shall be required to have a valid email, address for correspondence and balloting issue purposes. A member missing three ballot votes in one term shall be removed from the board. Replacement of that member shall be in accordance with the ISCA constitution.



The duties of the NSCA Elected Delegates shall be to act as a liaison between the NSCA and the ISCA Board.

(a) The NSCA Elected Delegates shall be determined by the current NSCA policy.

(b) The term shall be determined by current NSCA policy.



Each member of the Board shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the Board, including the Annual State Meeting, the Fall Meeting, and any special meeting. Vote by proxy shall only be according to the provisions of Article XIV.

(a) The Board shall have general charge of the ISCA's affairs and properly assume such other duties as are not specifically assigned or performed by any committees.

(b) The Board shall have the authority to conduct investigations or hearings relative to any complaint against any shooter or club, who in the opinion of the Board is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or any other acts that are detrimental to the best interests of the ISCA and take such action as the Board deems appropriate.

(c) Board shall have the power to remove from office by a 2/3 majority vote of the board any member of the board of directors whose actions or philosophy conflict with the best interests of the ISCA. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Exposing the board to civil liability

  2. Intentional disregard for the will of the board

  3. Taking action on ISCA matters without the approval of the board

  4. Actions which alienate shooters, range owners/managers, spectators

  5. Disrupting the harmony of an event

  6. Behavior which disrupts the harmony of the board

  7. Conduct unbecoming a board member such as public intoxication, rude or abusive behavior

  8. Voting on ISCA matters to pursue a personal agenda which is not in the best interests of the ISCA

  9. Any violations of NSCA policy or rules.

(d) A vacancy occurring on the Board, if an officer, shall be filled by majority vote of the Board. The officer so chosen shall hold the office until the next general election. Similarly, a Zone Director vacancy shall be filled by a vote of remaining Board members until the next general election at the ISCA State Tournament.



1. Any gun club in the State of Illinois having at least one sporting clays course, which is also a member of the NSCA, shall be eligible for membership in the ISCA.

(a) Any club that is a member of the NSCA in good standing and participates in ISCA activities shall be considered as an ISCA member club.

(b) The board shall have the authority to suspend or revoke the membership of any member club, for good cause including failure to pay ISCA fees in response to the recommendation of the board. Such suspension or revocation recommendation shall require two-thirds majority vote of the Board.

(c) Any Illinois resident for a minimum of 3 months who is also an NSCA members is also an ISCA member.


Any member club, in good standing, may host a ISCA sanctioned event, upon approval of the Board, or the NSCA State Delegate or State Rep. Sanctioned events may consist of "registered events", those registered with the NSCA requiring membership in the NSCA for participation or "open events", those not registered with NSCA, which are open to any participants. NOTE: "NSCA Fun Shoots" shall be classified as "open events" for ISCA purposes.

1. Event Rules

Any registered (NSCA) event must be governed by current NSCA rules.

(a) It is recommended that NSCA rules be used to govern open events.

(b) If a club hosts an open event and plans to deviate from NSCA rules, such changes should be in the event program or posted at the club.

2. Safety Rules

All ISCA member clubs must strictly abide by all established NSCA safety rules at all times.

3. Referees

Each club shall have the responsibility of using qualified referees (as defined by NSCA rules) for all registered events. Referees are not required for open events sanctioned by the ISCA

4. Fees

Each participant in any NSCA/ISCA sanctioned event shall be charged a fee of two cents per target.

(a) This fee is in addition to any other applicable fees.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of the host club to collect any such fees and forward them to the Treasurer within 15 days of the event.

5. Shoot Reports

It shall be the responsibility of any club hosting an ISCA sanctioned event to prepare a shoot report for each sanctioned event hosted at their club.

(a) The shoot report shall include all pertinent information about the event, including the dates of the event, the number of entries, and the amount of ISCA fees received.

(b) The shoot report shall also include the name, and score(s) of each participant, along with any awards received.

(c) Each concurrent (as defined by NSCA rules) entry shall also be included on the shoot report.

(d) It shall be the responsibility of the host club to forward shoot reports within 15 days of the event.

6. Cancellation of an Event

Any club wishing to cancel a scheduled event must notify the ISCA at the earliest opportunity available. It shall be the responsibility of the host club to notify the shooters of said cancellation. Any club failing to notify the ISCA of a canceled event and failing to forward a report indicating that the event was cancelled, shall be subject to the above stated fine.



1. Club affiliation dues with the ISCA shall be determined by the member clubs annually. The annual dues are payable in advance and only those clubs which have paid their annual dues shall be considered in good standing. Moneys from the annual dues are to be used solely for the member clubs in the form of a composite shoot schedule of all events at all clubs in good standing in the state and are to support general activities of the association as budgeted by the Board of Directors. This schedule is to be published on the ISCA website.

2. No club shall be given any privileges of a club in good standing until their shoot fees are paid.

3. ISCA club dues are $100.00. Paid by Oct 1st.

4.The ISCA will provide a 1st time member club, their club to be listed and displayed on our website. This fee for this posting shall be paid by the ISCA.

If a Club chooses to no longer have active status with the ISCA and does not pay their dues to the ISCA for membership, this Club will be removed from the ISCA website. If a Club chooses to renew the membership with the ISCA, this Club will be responsible for all expenses incurred for the relisting to the ISCA website.



1. Clubs interested in being placed in the rotation should do a formal proposal at the Friday Board meeting at the State Shoot Tournament a year before the proposed State tournament.

(a) The economic terms of entry fees, purses and options shall be determined by the State Association in conjunction with the host club by March 1, of that year.

(b) All ISCA clubs in good standing are eligible to bid each year for ISCA sponsored shoots regardless of their zone location. The North and South Zone shoots shall remain unchanged.

(c) Targets to be set by a non-competitor approved by the Board.

2. In the event that the club selected to host the State Tournament elects not to host the event, the next club in line from that area of the state may move up if it so desires otherwise a lottery shall be held, with any club, wishing to be considered, entered in the lottery.

(a) The State Delegates shall be in charge of this procedure.

(b) If the club that is next in line elects to move up through this procedure, they shall forfeit the right to host the shoot previously scheduled and all other clubs would move up accordingly.

3. The ISCA shall provide added money, hereinafter referred to as "ISCA added money", to be awarded at the State Tournament. This money is to be raised by the two cents per target ISCA fee at registered events. This money will also to be used to provide additional trophies at the State Shoot, second and third place in each class as well as concurrents.

(a) The ISCA Board will determine the distribution of the ISCA money, determine the distribution of the ISCA Added Money, to allocate any other awards deemed appropriate, and to provide support to the host club as deemed necessary.

State Shoot Criteria
Purpose of the Illinois State Sporting Clays Tournament

The Illinois State Tournament should provide a venue to test the shooting skills of all levels of participants in a fair and equitable manner. It should be open to all individuals who wish to participate irrespective of organization affiliation, place of residence, skill level, or experience. The State Association will provide a system of classes and appropriate awards to accommodate all who wish to participate, providing that they follow event requirements such as fees, registration, classing, safety, sportsmanship, etc. No NSCA member in good standing shall be turned down if they wish to participate. The following is a set of guidelines that are intended to ensure a successful event. Guidelines can be adjusted to the needs of the sporting clays participants.

Site Selection Process
1. The site selection process is determined by the ISCA board.
2. Clubs must be NSCA and ISCA member clubs in good standing and be able to meet the guidelines below.
3. Sites will rotate each year. North / South. (unless no other bidder)
4. Selected one year in advance.
5. Any club wishing to participate in the bid process should present their proposal at the Friday State Shoot Board Meeting.
6. Shoot will be awarded by August 31.
7. It is recommended that clubs must have held at least 6 ISCA/NSCA registered events during the previous year and thrown at least 20,000 registered targets in that year.
8. Total years of consecutive NSCA/ISCA membership will be considered.

Event Essentials
1. Minimum of 4-day event, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday with 50 bird events completed Saturday and shoot-offs for these events Saturday PM.
2. 200 target main event. 100 targets Sat and 100 targets Sun.
3. Main event minimum 14 station 100 bird course shot over 2 days (course must be changed 2nd day) with a minimum of 2 automatic machines on each station.
4. Friday 100 bird Prelim event.
5. Minimum 50 bird Five Stand Championship event.
6. Minimum 50 bird events will include 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, 410 gauge, Pump Gun, Side by Side.
7. Adequate facilities for registration, awards, restrooms and shelter.
8. Lodging, restaurants, or possible camping facilities nearby.
9. Clearly marked signs for events and stations clearly marked with a menu posted at each stand.
10. Key rules posted in registration area.
11. Refreshment stations and portable toilets strategically located on the courses and grounds.
12. Provide one "Trained" Referee per station for the Main, and a Referee for each Five Stand layout.
13. FITASC, if offered, requires a certified referee per parcour.


Administrative Essentials
1. Range owner/ manager should be present at the previous year’s State Shoot.
2. Responsibility of payments for Registration, Target Setter, Program, Referee's and Vendors, belongs to the host club.
3. ISCA will provide a rules/protest committee of 3- 5 for all event problems.
4. Club Owner/ Manager will make provisions for equipment failure.
5. Results to be posted at end of day if not sooner.
6. All shoot results and moneys must be sent to each entry within 30 days of conclusion of event.

Target Presentations
Quality target setting is crucial and the event will be remembered for its presentations.
Safety is the #1 priority
1. Presentations at stations must be significantly different than the club customarily throws.
2. Target mix of report pairs, following pairs, true pairs consisting of standard, 90's, and specialty targets is required.
3. Well mixed angles and trajectories are required.
4. Target colors other than black, orange, white or combinations thereof is discouraged.
5. Shooting stands must not present an advantage or disadvantage to competitors due to stature, eyesight, or gun handling. Where barriers are used the competitor must be able to safely and easily load and unload their shotgun in a normal fashion. The shooting station and viewing area must be free of shot fall and target debris.
6. Everyone on the course must wear eye and ear protection.
7. Target difficulty should be such that it challenges the best, but does not discourage the less skilled. As an example, targets should be 60% easy, 20% medium and 20% hard. No “vision tests”.
8. An outside target setter should be hired by the club to work in conjunction with the range owner/manager.

Rules and Regulations
1. All NSCA rules apply.
2. Clubs may have other regulations that will be posted.


1. Entry fees to be determined by range owner and the ISCA.
2. Club and ISCA will determine class options and lewis options.
3. The ISCA will provide $1,000.00 for food and $3,000.00 for professional registration.
4. The ISCA upon approval by board vote, offers to return, by rebate the maximum of $1500.00 of the generated target revenues from the entry fees at the State Shoot to host club based on the following three criteria.
A. 33% on Adequate Referees.
B. 33% on Good Targets.
C. 33% on Competent Scoring and making pay-outs on time.

Awards and Prizes
1. ISCA will provide all trophies for the events.
2. ISCA will determine the number of awards.
3. ISCA will determine the amount of added Illinois resident money.

The Illinois Sporting Clays Association reserves the right to move the location of the State Tournament if course ownership / management changes, or if course management attempts to change key elements of their proposal.



Purpose for the following is to maximize for each club the number of shooters at each event. We do not want the shooters to have to "pick" between clubs on any given dates. Each member club should have the maximum number of competitors for their tournaments. It is also hoped that the ISCA can sponsor some "multi-club" events. E.g. Sat at Club A and Sun. at Club B for a 200 target event or a 4 club 400 target event on a given weekend.

1. Any member club, in good standing, desiring to sanction a tournament with the ISCA, shall make its application to the ISCA no less than 30 days before the event.

(a) The application shall include the desired dates, number of targets in each event, whether the event is registered (NSCA) or an open event, and the preference of their choice for hosting such events.

(b) All NSCA events in Illinois must be sanctioned through the ISCA, through the continued cooperation of the NSCA Delegate.


Selection of shoot dates for the upcoming year shall be awarded by the ISCA designee. In conjunction with the NSCA for NSCA approved events. The selection committee shall consist of the President, Vice President and NSCA State Delegates.


Selection of shoot dates shall be based on the previous year's schedule, with clubs having first choice for "ISCA Traditional Shoot Dates". An ISCA Traditional shoot date is defined as a date selected by a member club to host an ISCA event on a date on which they held an ISCA sanctioned event during the previous season. NOTE: For ISCA purposes the same date refers to the same weekend and day of week during the previous shooting season.

(a) Once the Traditional dates have been selected, the remaining open dates shall be selected by clubs which have not had any previous selections. Clubs with seniority membership in the ISCA shall have preference.

(b) After the provisions of (A), (B), and (C) of this article have been completed any remaining dates may be requested and approved. Selection shall be based on seniority in the ISCA.

(c) Any club that fails to submit a written application for shoot dates by Nov. 1st, shall forfeit the right to preferential choices for the selection of shoot dates.

(d) After Nov. 1st no shoot dates shall be awarded or amended without the approval of the selection committee. The selection committee shall use the established criteria of the ISCA to determine any conflicts in scheduling of ISCA events.

(e) A scheduled event may be canceled at any time, but it is the responsibility of the host club to notify the Delegate/Rep. at the earliest opportunity available.



Any conflict in selecting event dates shall be determined in the following manner:

(a) No event shall conflict with the Annual State Tournament.

(b) No event shall conflict with a traditional date unless the club requesting event is over 100 miles from the club hosting the traditional date.

(c) If neither club involved in the conflict has a preference, the selection committee shall decide the outcome of the conflict, considering the interests of the ISCA membership, with a majority vote.

(d) the only exception to (a), (b), and (c) shall be that if a club with preference agrees to allow another club to hold an event that is in conflict.

(e) After the Nov. 1st no ISCA sanctioned event may be scheduled without the approval of the selection committee. The selection committee will notify the ISCA officers of any events approved after the annual meeting.


Any club that is denied, by the selection committee, a request for hosting an ISCA sanctioned event, may appeal the denial to the entire board.

(a) Any such appeal must be made in writing to the Secretary. Within 15 days the Secretary shall mail a copy of the appeal to all members of the Board.

(b) Board members shall have 7 days to respond in writing as to their vote on the appeal.

(c) Within 7 days the Secretary shall inform all Board members as to the results of the appeal.



The Annual State Meeting of the ISCA shall held at the annual State Tournament.

(a) The purpose of this meeting shall be to address any ISCA business as deemed necessary by the Board, the general membership of the ISCA, and the election of the officers of the ISCA every other year.


The Annual State Board Meeting shall be held as determined by the President.

(a) This meeting shall be held at the State Championship on Friday evening.


Special Meetings of the ISCA Board may be called at any time by the President, or upon written request to the President by any two elected officers or by any three member clubs in good standing.

(a) Notice of any special meetings and the purpose thereof shall be sent out by the President or Secretary to each Board member at least 15 days prior to the date of said meeting.

(b) No business shall be transacted at such meeting except as specified in the notice.

4. Emergency Meeting

May be called by 3 board members. A signed notice by all three board members must be sent to each board member with date and time for meeting.


1. A quorum for the transaction of all business at the State Meeting, Annual Meeting or at any special meeting, shall constitute a majority of those present.


1. Any member of the board may be represented by written proxy in the event that he/she is unable to attend any regular or called meeting.

(a) The President may secure a vote on any resolution pertaining to ISCA business, except amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, by sending a letter ballot on the subject to be voted on, and the vote on such matters shall be counted within ten days after the date such letter has been mailed. At such time, all Board members shall be notified of the results of any such action voted on.


1. The Constitution and By Laws may only be amended as follows:

(a) The proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the Delegate at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting, State Tournament Meeting, or Special Meeting.

(b) The Secretary shall then notify each Board member at least 3 days prior to said meeting of exactly what amendments are being contemplated.

(c) Any proposed amendment shall be presented to the membership and a majority vote will govern the decision to pass or defeat the proposed amendment.


The order of business at all meetings shall be as follows:

  • Roll call and seating of Board members

  • Reading of the minutes (at the State Tournament, the Secretary shall read the minutes of the previous State Tournament meeting.)

  • Reports of Officers

  • Reports of Committees

  • Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

  • Unfinished business

  • Election of Officers (every other year)

  • New Business

  • Adjournment


Minimum Points to enter = 1000 and Must be 21 years of age and have 8 years of ISCA membership.

How points are earned 

Hall of Fame Criteria

IL State Shoot

IL N/S Zone Shoot


IL State Super Sport


Champion - ships

Any Major Classified
Event W / 200 Plus
Entries !!!  






200 pts

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

100 pts

75 pts

50 pts

25 pts

200 pts

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

200 pts

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

250 pts

150 pts

75 pts

50 pts

400 pts 

200 pts 

100 pts 

75 pts 

100 pts

75 pts

50 pts

25 pts

5 Stand




100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

200 pts 

100 pts 

50 pts 

100 pts

50 pts

25 pts

50 tgt Sub (includes FITASC)




75 pts

50 pts

25 pts

75 pts

50 pts

25 pts

75 pts

50 pts

25 pts

150 pts 

100 pts 

50 pts 

100 pts 

50 pts 

25 pts  

These points are to be kept track of by the individual, and if you feel you qualify it is the shooters responsibility to notify the IL President or VP with your info. Please have your wins recorded so you can show this info to the board for verification….

Sub gauge events include sporting disciplines: sporting clays, super sporting, 5-stand, FITASC and Super Sporting

Our intention is to make the IL Hall of Fame a prestigious place to have your name honored and make it possible to get there by letting you compete fairly against your peers….


Additional Points

  • ISCA Board Officer   50 points Per Term 

  • All State Team           100 points 1st Team Only 

  • All American Team    100 points 1st Team Only 

  • Delegate's                 50 points Per Term 


Two categories are suggested:  

1 Regular inductee by points earned to meet minimum of 1000

2 Honoree Hall of Fame to be awarded by merit of service / board vote

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