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8 Free State Championship Entries

This weekend 4 main event entries from both the North and South Zone championships will be selected for free main event entry at the 2022 IL State Championship. These are a random draw from the North or South zone main event entries.

The ISCA is also sponsoring a Youth and Ladies incentive program

  • 10 Juniors and 10 Ladies can shoot free at the North or South IL Zone Main Event if they enter in the Junior, Sub Junior or Ladies concurrent. Sponsored by the ISCA.

  • Also 4 entries from both the North and South Zone will be randomly drawn for FREE entry into the IL State Championship held this June 23-26.

  • The ISCA will also pay for up to 15 Junior or Sub Junior and up to 15 Lady concurrent entries in the IL Sporting Clays Championship Main Event.

  • The ISCA will pay $100 of the reduced entry for Sub Junior, Junior and Lady concurrent entry fees for the IL State Championship Main Event. The host club will cover the balance. These entries are not eligible for any purses or prizes embedded in the event. They can be eligible for purses or prices embedded in the event if they pay the full entry.

North Zone - May 13-15 at Rock Ridge Sports Club

Rock Ridge is hosting the IL North Zone Championship Friday, Saturday & Sunday May 13- 15, 2022.


  • 100 Target Main

  • 50 FITASC

  • 50 Super Sporing

  • 50 Sub Gauge: 20, 28 & 410

Register now on ScoreChaser LOCATION:

14755 E Edson Road

Davis Junction, IL 61020


South Zone - May 14-15 at FLC Shooting Grounds

FLC Shooting Grounds is hosting the IL South Zone Championship Saturday & Sunday May 14-15.


  • 100 Target Main

  • 100 Target 2nd Event

  • 50 Target FITASC

  • 2022 Helice Points Race - Shoot #2

Register now on ScoreChaser


870 North East 325 Ave.

White Hall, IL 62092 PHONE: 217-248-9999

IL State Zone Shoot Off

All Class and Concurrent winners from the North and South Zone events will be automatically entered into the Zone shoot off held on Saturday night, June 25th, of the IL State Championship at Northbrook Sports Club. This is a don't miss event to watch the best of the North and South shoot off for bragging rights to the hold the traveling trophy.

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