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$5,000 in free ammo at the 2022 IL State Championship

YES! The ISCA is giving away $5,000 in 12 gauge shotgun ammo at the 2022 IL State Championship held at Northbrook Sports Club this June 23-26.

Who can't use FREE ammo?

All event participants will receive 1 entry for each paid event entered.

More events = more chances to win FREE ammo.

11 possible chances!

Free ammo tickets will be drawn on Saturday night, June 25, 2022. You do not need to be present for the drawing however you must pick up your ammo no later than Sunday June 26, 2022. Neither the ISCA or the Northbrook Sports Club can hold your ammo for later pickup. Any ammo not claimed will be forfeit.

Don't miss the 2022 IL State Championship this June 23-26

Where: Northbrook Sports Club

When: Thursday through Sunday June 23-26, 2002

Event Details:

  • 200 Target Main

  • 100 Target 5 Stand Main

  • 100 Target Preliminary

  • 50 Target Sub Gauge: 410, 28, 20 & 12

  • 50 Target Pump and Side by Side

  • 100 Target FITASC

  • 100 Target Super Sporting

Special Events:

  • Friday and Saturday night dinner

  • Saturday Night

    • Annual ISCA Member Board Meeting

    • North South Zone Shoot Off

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