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Palos Sportsman's Sporting Clays League - Starts June 22!

Summer Sporting Clays League

Starting June 22, 2022

Where are they?

Palos Sportsman's Club Inc

24044 Harlem Ave, Frankfort, IL 60423


League is open to members and non-members

League shall consist of 50 targets each week, shot over 6 stands. The league will span 5 weeks. Your tope 4 weeks' scores will be counted for awards.

Each week shall being on Saturday and end the following Friday. The final week will end on Saturday, July 27th.

You may shoot your targets any day, but you MUST shoot with a current League member, who will score and attest, witness, and sign your score sheet.

Only club-issues special League score sheets will be accepted. The following week's score sheet will issue on Saturday. Score sheets and clipboards will be available in the storage box at the sporting clays farmhouse.

Completed score sheets must be returned to a locked box placed at the farmhouse in the sporting clays areas.

You may make up missed weeks. A score sheet and menu will be issues upon request.

Awards will be based on the Lewis Class scoring systems. 1 class, 3 places per 10 entries (minimum 3 classes).

Stations will be marked and designated for League shooters each week. You will be issued the menu and score sheet for that week.

Final standing will be posted in the clubhouse 1 week after the League ends, and will be communicated to each shooter.

Each shooter will be issued a "League Targets Only" target card for using during the League. This card will have additional targets for show and broken targets. Please DO NOT use for recreational targets.

Practicing League Targets before shooting for score is NOT ALLOWED.

If there is a malfunction on a station, DO NOT shoot that station. Report failures by text message to Rik Mitchell 708 712-2450. Once repaired, you may make up that station. The scores from all other stations must be maintained.

If anyone is not familiar with Lewis Class Scoring Method, a written explanation will be provided.

Lewis Class participation is optional.

Participants will shot 5 of the 15 sporting clays stations each week.

The Targets and Lewis Class fees must be paid upon registering. The fees are as follows:

Lewis Class $17.50 Targets $92.20 Total $110.00

Please notify Rik by June 19, 2024 is you plan to participate.

Scheduled Sporting Clays Tournaments

Sept 21-22, 2024

more to come...

During registered shoots all trailers should be parked at the club house 24044 address.

Hours of operations:

Sporting Clays and 5 Stand: 

open daily from 9 AM to 6:30 PM

How to contact them?

(815) 641-3006 (during club hours)

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