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Otter Creek 100-200 July 21-23 2023


  • 100 or 200 TARGETS


  • Friday, Saturday or Sunday, July 21-23, 2023

Otter Creek Hunting Club

ADDRESS: 19201 Hunting Club Rd, Jerseyville, IL 62052

PHONE: 618-376-7601

Otter Creek Hunting Club is a family-owned operation located west of Jerseyville, Illinois, approximately 50 miles northwest of St. Louis, Missouri operated by Joe and Jamie Cannady for over 20 years. Being blessed with a beautiful piece of ground, the Cannadys work hard to continue to improve and develop their property to share with others.

The hunting club has corporate and individual/family memberships available and is open to the public seven days a week by appointment. Our Vision & Mission: is to provide outdoor recreational activities for the avid sportsman, individuals, family, friends, and offer company outings to provide memorable experiences on each visit. We are also focused on improving the environment, preserving wildlife, and promoting safety and education programs.

Sporting Clays at Otter Creek

Two challenging courses have been designed to simulate all types of hunting. You can shoot 50 or 100 rounds. Monthly Fun Shoots and larger events are held during the Spring and Summer with payouts and prizes awarded. Target presentations are changed often.

A lighted 5-Stand field is utilized during Spring and Summer for leagues and is a big hit for those wanting to shoot targets for fun or practice prior to bird hunts.

Perfect opportunity to sharpen your shooting skills!

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