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FLC Gold Bond Open - July 13-14 2024

Event Details

Register for FLC's sporting clays event July 13-14
  • 2x100 Sporting

  • 50 FITASC

  • 30 Helice

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday July 13-14

This upcoming event promises an exciting lineup of shooting competitions that will challenge participants and thrill spectators. The variety of disciplines ensures there is something for every skill level and preference.

  • 2x100 Sporting

    • Prepare for the intensity and precision required in the 2x100 Sporting event, where shooters will test their aim and agility in a series of thrilling rounds.

  • 50 FITASC

    • The 50 FITASC competition offers a different kind of challenge, focusing on skill and strategy to navigate the course and hit targets with accuracy.

  • 30 Helice

    • For those seeking a unique and dynamic experience, the 30 Helice event combines speed and precision as shooters aim to hit rotating targets in this exhilarating discipline.

WHERE: FLC Shooting Grounds

ADDRESS: 870 North East 325 Ave.

White Hall, IL 62092

PHONE: 217-248-9999

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