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Aurora Sportsmen’s Club Shotgun Sports Event March 25, 2023


March 25, 2023 10-4pm

Aurora Sportsmen’s Club Shotgun Sports


Corned Beef

Boiled Potatoes

Cabbage n' Carrots

Rye Bread n Butter

Key Lime Bars and other Green Desserts

Water, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Hot tea and Hot Chocolate

Open to the Public

Get your gloves, scarves and thermal undies. Come join us for Trap, Double Trap, 5-Stand, Skeet, Pyramid Wobble Trap and Springing Teals at our "January get out of the house event" . Open to members, guests, and non-members. Heated warming areas and privy will be provided. Events open at 10:00 am, last game starts at 3:30 pm. Preregister by email (preferred but optional) to Food will be available from 11am until 1 pm.

  • The $25.00 per person fee includes four game tickets for trap, double trap, 5-stand, Wobble trap or skeet, plus food and beverage with additional rounds at member/non member rates (best bargain for non members). Junior rate is $20. Unused game tickets can be used at anytime based on the ASC honor system.

  • Option two-$75.00 per person fee includes 5 boxes of 12g, four game tickets, food and drinks. $70 for Juniors.

  • This is open to the public, so non members are welcome. If you're new to these games, let us know at registration and we will pair you with a club volunteer that will show you how to play the games. Participants must bring: shotgun, at least 100 target load lead or steel shells (no hunting or defense loads)

We have 6 paid pullers but still looking for volunteers to help pull if needed: Send us a email if you can help by picking a time from the three slots listed. 10-12 pm 12-2 pm 2-4 pm Also need volunteers for registration, serving, set up and breakdown 9-1pm We also will be selling Shotgun Sports Shooter Discount Cards to members only -11 games for fifty dollars (members) and sixty five dollars (nonmembers) cash or check, good for all trap games, skeet or 5-stand. Come to the Shotgun Sports area with: any gauge shotgun, safety glasses, hearing protection and at least 4 boxes of target load lead or steel ammunition in shot sizes 7½, 8 or 9. Directions: From Hwy 30 in Waterman, go south on Elm St. a little over 1 mile. Turn west on Rueff Rd. a little over ½ mile and turn north into the Shotgun Sports gate.

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