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Aurora Sportsmen’s Club Shotgun Sports Event July 30, 2022

Join us for the Youth and Adults Saturday Night Shoot July 30, 2022, 4 pm until 10 pm Youth night shoot will consist of various stations:

Fishing, Archery, Muzzle Loading Shotgun, Hybrid Game of Trap /Skeet, Plus

Slinging/Shooting Water Balloons. $5 for youths (high school or younger) covers food, drinks, prizes, ammo, clays and balloons

Upon arrival, please check in to register at the skeet/trap pavilion

  • Fishing starts at 4 pm.

  • White clays for trap and lighted water balloons after dark!

  • Prizes for the kids who try every youth station.

  • We will have .410 and 28-gauge shotguns and ammo available for youth on the skeet field. Each shotgun station will have 12- and 20-gauge youth-sized shotguns and ammo available. All adult shooters must provide their own shotguns and ammunition.

  • Muzzle loader shotguns and black powder ammo plus loading instructions will be provided.

  • Eye and ear protection will be available if you do not bring your own.

  • Parents can shoot other games while kids participate in the youth stations. Each youth station will have at least two volunteers running the station and controlling the shooters, club guns and bows. There will be Range Safety Officers on site.

  • Elimination games for adults and older kids on trap field #1-Blue Bird, Killer, Killer Pieces, etc. (usually starts around 8 pm).

  • Food and drinks selection will be announced at a later date.

  • Hamburgers, grilled chicken breast, brats, dogs, drinks, chips and ice cream!

​So come out to ASC and shoot Trap/Skeet/5-Stand and youth stations at our Saturday Night Shoot, July 30th. We will have two adult fee options:

Option 1: $25.00 per person fee includes four rounds of trap, 5-stand, pyramid Wobble, springing teal or skeet, plus food and beverage; additional rounds at member/non-member rates (best deal for non-members/ guests). Option 2: $15.00 per person fee includes two rounds of trap, double trap, 5-stand, pyramid wobble, springing teal or skeet, plus food and beverage; additional rounds at member/non-member rates.

Junior rate (high school or younger) for this night is $5 for all the clays and water balloons they can break. Plus fishing, food and drinks! includes ammo.

This is open to the public, so non-members are welcome-Bring your kids friends. Adults shooting must bring: shotgun, at least 100 target load lead or steel shells (no hunting or defense loads) 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot, plus eye and ear protection. Participants can start any time between 4:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Food starts at 6:30 pm. Fees may be paid by cash or check. We will have Pullers plus volunteers. Youth must supply ammo for personal guns that are not 12g or 20g (minimum suggested quantity 50 shells). We recommend using club guns if you do not have a 12g or 20g. All shells need to be lead or steal (no hunting or defense loads) 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot. Bring eye and ear protection if you have them. All ammo and guns supplied at muzzle loading. If you have a bow and arrows, bring them; otherwise plan to use club bows and arrows. Help us make sure we have ample volunteers working with the kids by preregistering yourself or group by email at “”. Walk-ins welcome. Volunteers needed

  • Two cooks-hamburgers, dogs, brats and chicken

  • Two to handle registration-collect fees, waivers and hand the kids a participation badge

  • Looking for volunteers to help with each station-control club guns, ammo and work with the kids. We will have a puller assigned to each station.

Volunteer or the volunteer corner link We will shoot until 10 pm if shooters are present!

Muzzle Loading Shotgun


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