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ASC Shotgun Turkey and Pig Shoot, November 4, 2023

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Save the Date! ASC November 4th Turkey/Pig Shoot

10-3 PM


  • 7749 Rueff Rd

  • Waterman, IL 60556

From Hwy 30 in Waterman, go south on Elm St. about 1 mile. Turn west on Rueff Rd. Drive about 1 mile and turn south into the Sporting Clays gate.

PHONE: (815) 264-9000


Turkey Soup

Turkey Dumplings

Turkey Chili

Turkey Breast Sandwiches, toasted hoagie roll, toppings

Coffee and drinks

Come out on November 4, 2023, and join us for our annual Turkey/Pig shoot. We will have

several side games that give everyone a chance to win a turkey, ham, bacon or sausage, regardless of skill level. Mystery clay's at 5-stand, Trap, Wobble Trap that will win you a prize if you hit one. There will be prizes for the high score for 5-stand, Trap, Pyramid Wobble Trap and Skeet.

We have six Pullers working Saturday.

Please help us with the food and prizes by preregistering at

Fee option’s-

Members will be using their card reader card for themselves and any guest they bring-No Wrist band for guest at this event only.

Non-members not accompanied by a member will be issued a card (one per individual/group) in the Shotgun Building. Non-Member pricing is $6 per game for this event only-minimum number of four games per individual or group. Must have a driver’s license and credit/debit card.

This is open to the public, so non-members are welcome. If you're new to these games, let us know at registration and we will pair you with a club volunteer that will show you how to play the games. Participants must bring: Credit/debit card for games, cash for tips, side games and food, shotgun, at least 125 target load lead or steel shells (no hunting or defense loads) and eye and ear protection.

Side Games

Turkey or Pig Silhouette- $5 gets you one shot at a Turkey or Pig silhouette. Winner with most pellets in a specified area wins a turkey, ham, bacon or sausage. We will supply the ammo! Please buy your silhouette /s first thing. Silhouettes will be shot at 11am and 1pm down by trap 3.

A piece of the pie game (paper pie)-$3 gets you one slice of pie with your name on it. When Pie is full, it will be mounted on a pattern board and someone will take a shot at it. The slice with the most shot in it wins a turkey, ham, bacon or sausage. Please buy all your pieces first thing, so we can have all the pies and prizes done by 1 pm.

Flurry's-$5 per player-two per team-28 shots and clays per team. This will be done on trap 1 and we will have five machines. Highest scoring team wins turkey, ham, 3lbs bacon or sausage/per shooter

Each shooter starts with 14 shells.

Each shooter will start off with two shells chambered

On the pull command, four clays will be released with two more released every couple of seconds.

Team strategy is knowing who shoots at each of the first four birds, one is reloading as the other shoots at the continuous pairs until all 28 clays are launched. Highest team score would be 28.

You can play several times with multiple partners.

So come on out and enjoy the last event of the season. Bring your friends! Bring a large empty cooler, lots of small bills and plenty of ammo so you can shoot as many side games as you want. Please help us with the food and prizes by preregistering via email to

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