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IL North & Zone 8 Free Winners of a State Entry

Congratulations to the 8 random draw winners. 4 random draws were made from the main event entries at the IL North and South Zone championship events help this May at FLC Shooting Grounds and Rock Ridge Sportsments Clubs. The following will receive a free entry into the main event of the 2022 IL State Championship to be held this June 23-26 at Northbrook Sport Club.

South Zone Winners held at FLC Shooting Grounds

  • Jarrel Wallace

  • Roger Jones

  • Brandon Liefer

  • Ben Shewmaker

North Zone Winners held at Rock Ridge Sportsmens Club

  • Roger Manalo

  • Mark Gauding

  • Brandon Phillips

  • Leo Tripolitakis

Don't miss the 2022 IL State Championship this June 23-26

Where: Northbrook Sports Club

When: Thursday through Sunday June 23-26, 2002

Event Details:

  • 200 Target Main

  • 100 Target 5 Stand Main

  • Preliminary, Sub Gauge,

  • FITASC, Super Sporting

Special Events:

  • Friday and Saturday night dinner

  • Saturday Night

    • Annual ISCA Member Board Meeting

    • North South Zone Shoot Off

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